Monday, February 11, 2013

It's been too long.

No internet in our little camper home has made keeping this updated near impossible, but my laziness is what really did it in. So, for a brief update to whoever cares:

We live in Lenoir City now, still in the RV. About the same distance away from work and town, just in the opposite direction.

I still work at Starbucks, just got promote to a shift supervisor. The biggest blessing is, though, Alex found a job at the Tennessee Farmer's Co-Op, getting his hands dirty and talking farm talk with good ol' country boys, so he is thrilled to be there. He is still technically a temp worker, but is in training for a permanent position. He's making more money than he's ever made, and it looks like God is smiling on us financially. Our goal for the year is to wipe out what small debt we have left ( > $2,000) and build our savings.

Our Jeep Cherokee died, so we just bought a Saturn for me to drive. The Moeller's so generously let us borrow Emily's Bravada so Alex drives that, but we traded the Jeep in for a neat old Ford truck in very good condition, so once he changes the fuel pump and gets it running we'll have two vehicles of our very own. We looked and looked at vehicles but nothing would make Alex happier than a old truck he can tinker with and restore. Another smile from the Lord.

Housing is a different story. A friend of Alex's had told us that we could rent his rental home as soon as he was finished remodeling it, end of January-ish. So, we waited. End of January started to approach so we tried to get a hold of him, no luck. We tried several other times to no avail, so we are still in our little camper. We're keeping our eyes open, have spotted a few possibilities but now that winter is nearly behind us we are in no hurry. God will lead us to the right place at the right time.

It's fast approaching a year since we've lived in the South, and we feel more at home every day that passes. We're excited to see what lies ahead this year.

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