Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I think it's weird when people describe something as "life-changing" because literally every choice we make is life-changing to some extent. For example, this morning I woke up at 9:00 instead of 8:30 like I had planned because that gosh-darn snooze button is so handy. And that choice changed my life. My entire day would have been different had I got out of bed at 8:30.

Which leads me think: am I making good choices? And I don't just mean "big" choices, like should I move to Africa? Should I just say no to drugs? I mean little, everyday choices. Because those are the choices that, sometimes slowly and gradually, change your life. And are those choices adding up to something good or bad?

Everyday I choose to workout, I am building a stronger, healthier body.

Everyday I choose to follow my weekly cleaning chart, I am making a happier home for my husband and I.

Everyday I choose to eat healthy, I am nurturing my body.

Likewise, when I choose to not workout I am letting my muscles atrophy and fat to accumulate.

When I choose to skip out on cleaning I am letting disorder settle in and will have a bigger mess to deal with later.

When I choose to eat poorly I am not giving my body the nutrients I need.

Not to say that sometimes it's not okay to skip one day of working out or eat something unhealthy every now and then. But what is the cumulative affect? Skipping one day of cleaning and doubling up the next isn't that bad. Skipping one day of working out to rest is actually good. And something unhealthy now and again is one of the enjoyments of life.

I guess it's all about habits and moderation. 

Anyway, what kind of "life-changing" decisions are you making every day? Are you creating good or bad habits?

I know that when I chose to spend time with God every day and focus on walking with Him throughout my daily activities, I feel more at peace. And it's not big, dramatic, mountain top experiences with Him. It's just little times throughout the day, a greater awareness of His presence and an attitude of thankfulness.

Because we live life in the mundane, everyday activities. Those are what matter in the long run, so make them worthy of the gospel. 

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