Saturday, May 12, 2012

Things have been pretty laid-back in the Moeller camp these days.

On Thursday, my second-youngest brother turned 14. I have a brother who is 21 and one who is 14. That makes me feel rather old. However, I still have a brother who is only 10 so maybe I'm not too old :)

 I decorated a cake for him, isn't it lovely? Haha, it was the best I could do with all my piping bags and tips packed in a storage building in Indiana.

We've been spending our weekends putting in some hours and earning our keep at the campground's food stand, named "The Shire". I'm not sure why they named it that, but since I feel rather hobbit-ish most the time (being on the short side and perhaps a bit too fond of eating) I think we fit right in.

 We use the smoker to make a wonderful smoked chicken salad, and maybe also just for the ambiance of it all.
 the gorgeous mountains provide a spectacular background.

workin' hard... aren't we cute? hehe :)

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